This question is the basis of my question:

Is an electric circuit patentable?

A new user shows up (no history for any pattern), presume, there is no pattern of a particular material having been repeatedly suggested; how could we tell it is not merely soliciting or advertising?

A few general SE rules come to my mind:

  • Be especially nice to new users, and help them find their way around;
  • An answer (or question) must be self-contained, links must be used only for permitting independent verification of a fact or law, and in support of the self-contained post.

Based on this, I would say with a warm welcoming first, the second rule should be applied, and expansive links should be edited out.

But if, for any reason, it must stay, then maybe a rule of conflict disclaimer should be required to re-enter a link even when the answer is self-contained.

If not, why?

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I do not see the site adopting a rule along those lines that a new poster is unlikely to know when first participating. In the specific case I did not see evidence of blatant, un-acknowledged, self promotion.

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