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Trae Barlow

South Texas College Computer Science Alumni. Software patent abolitionist. In a perfect world, with perfect people and a perfect system, it could work.... so could Communism. I prefer a completely Free Market Economy. Ideas are not created, they are discovered (see Plato's Theory of Forms). However I don't believe this will ever happen as so much has already been invested into it. For those reasons, I try to avoid the issue of whether or not software patents should exist. If you really want proof look at China who is already 20 years ahead, in 20 more years likely three-four times that.

I see the America Invents Act as an improvment, which has made this website possible. I believe that anyone issuing software patents (or any patents) should have at least a B.S. in an area related to the type of patent they are processing, that would have stopped the Linked List Patent, which has been taught in 1301 for over 40 years.

It takes hundreds to thousands of ideas to write any non-trivial software, and one patented idea to destroy it. --Trae Barlow

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