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Invalidity contests such as Patroll from Unified Patents

Is it appropriate to link to third-party invalidity contests on the Ask Patents site? For instance, I propose to link to the active contests on Patroll using the prior-art-request tag and also the ...
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New Google Patents site, which URL to use?

The typical method of linking to Google Patents has been: However, since the recent update to Google Patents, there is a new view available: https://...
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Automagically put patent title in tooltip for links to individual patents on Google Patents

So it seems we will standardize on linking to Google Patents from mentions of patent numbers / codes / IDs (what are these things generally called by the way?) It would be a neat and simple little ...
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Best practices for linking references to patent numbers?

I've noticed that in posts here we're going to very often reference patents by their code / number, whatever you prefer to call it. It seems like a good idea to link these whenever possible to a site ...
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