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Am I allowed to advertise my project related to patent system?

Would the following behavior be allowed: I would like to post a question like "What are alternative solutions to using patents to reward inventors?" and answer it myself with an ...
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Is this answer spam?

This answer from March 28, 2020, which appears to be spam was brought to my attention in the Charcoal chat room when a user commented that their spam flag on that post had aged away. I have also ...
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Should there be a help topic for disclosing affiliations and conflict of interest?

A recent question asked about research involving a patented method (within the scope of the site), and a scientist from the company (assignee) provided an answer linking to the commercial web site. In ...
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What Counts as "Prior Art" for a U.S. Patent Application?

When I looked at Online Shopping - Social Feedback on Clothing - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST, the first thing I thought of was people on Facebook linking to Amazon or other store pages so ...
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Can I withdraw an answer when a better one is posted?

I answered a question in the main section by describing some of the considerations in evaluating copyright issues generally. A later answer directly addressed the actual question, rendering my more ...
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