In trying to diagnose a userscript bug, I realised that some code was using the old, domain-based API 1.1. Figuring that Patents rightfully had no reason to support the deprecated API, I typed in the URL to verify and was surprised to see this:

broken API site

...instead of a 404 page or the API 1.1 documentation. This seems to only happen for the API subdomain, and requires you to input the broken URL manually, so it's admittedly a very minor issue. All the same, it should probably return something more appropriate.


Well, more like really.

The franken site view is gone, but our "no site here" stuff (which does it's best to function when literally nothing else on the network does... it's a tad hairy) doesn't quite deal with retired API v1.x endpoints yet.

We'll get a nicer explanation up there next week, this patch will hold for now.

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