Also, tag the question with the patent number, like: us20090293106. The software will use this to automatically include a link in the sidebar to the patent.

It would be nice if creating such tags automatically pulled in some information about the patent into the tag wiki, such as:

  • the title (also in the tag wiki excerpt)
  • a link to the official patent office page (e.g. USPTO for US patents)
  • the abstract
  • references to related patents (divisional applications, international applications)
  • other cover page information such as submission dates, inventor and assignee data, etc.

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I think including an assignee, if there is one listed in the file, is critical. Under the AIA, applicants are not supposed to submit prior art through a process such as this but instead use an IDS.

Large company applicants are likely to have issues with their employees; they don't want them to comment on their own applications - again, this would be avoided by listing as assignee.

Large companies can be a wonderful source of input for AskPatents but not making it easy to see the assignee on the face of the question/posting is likely to have a chilling effect on participation by such groups.

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