I just encountered a question regarding a reissue patent, and I haven't found the correct tag syntax to get the patent sidebar to show. I've tried usre45370 and usre45370e1. Google's "Discuss This Patent" links to usre45370, so it seems that it would be the appropriate tag.


As I understand it, there's a pretty strict condition for what types of tags queue the sidebar to show up, and I don't think I've ever seen a reissue tag trigger that.

Given that, I think what you picked is a fine precedent for how these should be formatted. The most important part with choosing a tag format, especially for patent numbers here, is making it consistent, and going with what the Discuss this Patent button points to sounds like a good approach to accomplishing that.

If you'd like, you could post a new meta question using the tag to ask for tags beginning in "usre" to bring up the sidebar, citing this post or the one you linked to for more context. I'm not sure how high a priority that would be for the developer team, but it doesn't hurt to get something on the books. I imagine this is a pretty straight-forward change, like adding it to a regex.

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